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Alum Spring Park

Alum Spring Park

The Alum Spring Park in Fredericksburg VA is a great place for a relaxing weekend. Not only does it offer a great picnic area, but it also offers shaded walking paths and a fitness trail. It is also an excellent location to watch the neotropical migrants as they migrate across the area. A great post ahead.

Ice from the Alum Spring millpond was a prized commodity

Alum Spring Park in Fredericksburg is a 34-acre woodland retreat. This small park has survived a hurricane and the nearby earthquake. You can hike, ride a bike, or play in a playground at this park. There is also a millpond sign that provides an interesting history of the area.

Alum Spring is located along Hazel Run, just west of Blue-Gray Parkway. The park features sandstone cliffs, picnic tables, and a playground. There are restrooms and additional parking.

Alum Spring is home to 28 species of trees. The area is rich in fossilized wood. Water flowing from the western mountains carried tons of sediment to the Atlantic Ocean. This sediment deposited a layer of crystalized alum. Alum was historically used to preserve meats and hides. It was also believed to have special healing properties.

Alum Springs was once a famous source of curative waters. It is still the key ingredient in vintage pickle recipes. One of the most notable uses of alum was in tanning hides.

It was a popular spot for ladies to entertain

Alum Spring Park in Fredericksburg, Virginia, is a 34-acre woodland retreat. The park is located at the end of Greenbrier Drive, and is a perfect place to take a leisurely walk, or to enjoy a picnic. The site also features a picnic shelter, horseshoe pits, and a playground for kids.

Alum Spring was the location of a pistol duel between Francis Wellford and William Glassell. The two combatants met on a narrow path between Alum Spring rock and a mill pond. The two shots sounded simultaneously.

The area surrounding Alum Spring was a popular spot for local ladies to entertain guests. It also provided a place for local boys to skinny dip. The park is now home to a number of resident birds and eastern amberwing dragonflies.

There are also a number of Civil War sites to see in the area. The park is part of the national park that commemorates four major Civil War battles. Browse around this site.

It survived both earthquake and hurricane

Alum Spring Park is one of Fredericksburg’s most notable landmarks. It’s one of the best places to see an old fashioned wooden mill and a reconstructed millpond in action. This 34 acre woodland oasis is also home to a pair of the largest sandstone cliffs in the area. The cliffs are roughly 40 feet high. The sandstones contain fossilized wood, jasper, and quartz.

Alum Spring has seen more than its fair share of both natural and man-made disasters. Some areas of the park suffered from floods, while others were swept clean by the hurricane squalls that plagued the region. The park’s best features include a pair of sandstone cliffs, a pair of old fashioned mills, a reconstructed millpond, and a handful of the finest trees to be found in central Virginia. The park is located at the corner of Greenbriar Drive and Alum Road. The park is open from dawn to dusk. For more information, call the Parks Department at (540) 234-2331.

It is a good place to check for neotropical migrants

One of Fredericksburg’s best historical sites is Alum Spring Park. It was once the site of an early municipal government building, a mill, and a hospital for wounded British soldiers. This area was also a refuge for hundreds of women and children who were sheltered by the cliff during the bombardment of Fredericksburg in December 1862.

Alum Spring Park is located off of Greenbrier Drive in Fredericksburg. The park has picnic areas, grills, and walking paths. It is the perfect place to visit for a picnic or for any other type of outdoor activity. You can access Alum Spring by driving over a small creek, then walking down the Central Railway Trail to the park.

You can also take your children to the playground at Alum Spring Park. The new playground is complete with fun climbing features, traditional elements, and musical items. The playground is open to the public from Friday through Sunday.

Alum Spring is also home to dozens of neotropical migrants including the question mark butterfly, red-necked phalarope, and eastern amberwing dragonflies. You can find these birds in the fall, when thousands of southbound migrants arrive in Tallahassee. Continue reading next article.



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