House Washing


No matter what time of year it is, we all want our homes to be clean on the inside and out. When it comes to house washing in Maryland, you want to hire a trusted and insured company that will treat your property like it was their own. That’s why you can trust us at Excellent Exteriors to clean your siding, drive way, decks, gutters and beyond! 

With our professional services, we can help you! We provide high-quality service at a low-cost price! What services do our professionals provide? They provide high-quality pressure washing services! 

What is Pressure Washing? 

Pressure washing is a procedure that our professionals provide to clean up the hardest messes. Dirt, moss, and other matter can become caked on your home due to weather and just normal wear and tear. We provide high quality house washing and pressure washing services to revive your property and bring that extra shine back! 

A pressure washer uses a high-powered water jet to shoot water out the hose and forcefully remove dirt, stains, mold, and even dried messes that have been there for years. Don’t know if what you have can be cleaned at all? Let our professionals show you what they can do. 

What surfaces? 

Pressure washing helps with concrete stains that can be caused by cars leaking oil, paint, and other unsightly stains. The pressure and water combination can lift those stains and increase your curb appeal in a matter of hours! Our team is able to assess a variety of surfaces such as brick, concrete, wood and beyond and customize our approach to those surfaces. 

By hiring the professionals at Excellent Exteriors, you can expect timely service, highly trained team members, and quick, lasting results that give your home that shine you are looking for. Some of the best times to get your home washed is if you plan on moving – this can help draw potential buyers in and increase your chances of them buying! It’s also important to protect your home and some of the moss and dirt can begin to deteriorate portions of your roof, siding and deck that can be costly down the road. 

Sidewalks will commonly have gross black spots on them. This happens when gum is left on the ground and sits in the sun for a long time. Without the proper tools that are used with a pressure washer, you will have a very hard time trying to clean those spots. 

Speaking of sitting in the sun, the most common place to host a party large or small is the patio deck and cleaning them is not the easiest. Everything that is left and spilled on a wooden deck needs to be cleaned to avoid permanent stains or damage to the surface. 

Our professionals provide a quick service that would normally take hours or even days to clean normally. With us, you can have your area cleaned just in time for the party to start! Call us today for a quick consultation and free quote!