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Loriella Park

Loriella Park

The Loriella Park in Fredericksburg VA is a great place to enjoy all types of recreation and entertainment. It offers outdoor events, shopping and recreational activities. It is a multi-use park that is perfect for family outings, corporate events, weddings and other special occasions. Read on for some ideas.

Recreational activities

Recreational activities at Loriella Park include a swimming pool, soccer fields, baseball/softball fields, an 18-hole disc golf course, and a great slew of wooded walking trails. You can also take a stroll through the nearby Massaponax Creek Trail, and check out a few artifacts along the way. You’ll be amazed at the things you can see, and the fun you can have.

While you’re at it, take a look at the historic buildings that line the street from Fredericksburg to Spotsylvania, like the Spotsylvania court house and the Stonewall Jackson Shrine. While you’re there, consider touring the nearby Whitehall Manor. This 19th century mansion, built for Fredericksburg’s second mayor, is a museum that offers a fascinating glimpse at life during the heyday of the town.

If you’re into outdoor activities, you’ll love the many parks and recreational opportunities around Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania. Pohick Bay Regional Park and Burke Lake Park are a couple of nearby choices. You can also enjoy the Virginia Central Rail (VCR) Trail that connects Whitehall and Jackson Trails West and East.


A visit to Loriella Park is a must on your must do list if you plan on making Fredericksburg your home town. The park is an affluent cousin to Fredericksburg’s affluent brethren. With a mix of luxury apartments, condos and single family homes, you are sure to find something that suits your fancy. To help get your feet wet, the Loriella Park website has a great list of available properties. It is also worth noting that the community has a number of amenities for its residents. For instance, you can enjoy a full service gym, community pool and a free shuttle service to the downtown area. Besides being a nice place to live, Loriella Park is also located within a short drive of some of the best restaurants in the region. Discover more exciting places here.

Multi-use park

Loriella Park is one of the finest multi-use parks in the area. It features a swimming pool, sports fields, playground, and disc golf course. There are also several trails that lead through wooded areas. This is a great place to hike, play baseball, or enjoy a picnic.

The area is home to numerous parks, including the nearby Dixon Park. This new, city-run park boasts 1.5 miles of trails and restrooms. There’s even a cool sculpture at the entrance. It’s a short walk from downtown Fredericksburg, making it easy for parents to take their kids for a stroll.

The Loriella Park has several playgrounds, sports fields, and hiking trails. The trails take you through a dense deciduous forest and along creek beds. It also provides a 2.9-mile trail for those who want a more challenging hike. There’s even an interpretive marker on the Confederate defensive line.

The park’s swimming pool offers open swim times and private parties. The swimming pool also has swim lessons for children. The playgrounds are large and shaded.

Outdoor events

Loriella Park is a popular place for outdoor recreation in the Fredericksburg area. It is located on Leavells Road between Routes 1 and 3. This 208-acre facility offers many activities for all ages. From soccer and baseball to softball, disc golf and more, there is something for everyone. It is also a convenient location.

The park is well-lit, has a 2.9-mile trail, and is easy to access. There is also a swimming pool and playgrounds. The swimming pool offers open swim times and private parties. The playgrounds are large, shaded, and next to bathrooms and a pavilion.

There is a disc golf course at Loriella Park. This course is rated 4.4 out of five on UDisc. There is also a nine-hole par 2 course. There is also a brewpub that serves American fare. The nearby Spencer Devon Brewing and Billiken’s Smokehouse are also great options.

Another favorite for outdoor recreation in the Fredericksburg area is Patriot Park. This massive park has a covered picnic area and a fitness trail. There is also a baseball field and small diamonds, as well as a basketball court. Refer to This Web Page.



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